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Inner Radiance

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9am - 8pm Monday - Friday
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    'an Unconditional Love is an outer expression of Inner Radiance'.
    The “Let the celebration be your gift” is aimed at you as our specially Unique client.
    Inner Radiance has a key goal of promoting a range of ceremonies to You as a way of expressing our commitment to your feelings towards your dream celebration.

    Hello! thinking about having a more personal ceremony that’s full of meaning and represents you both, your beliefs, values, and tells your story? we would love to create a loving, sincere and a totally personalised Ceremonies Because as Celebrants, all our work is about LOVE.
    Congratulations on your decision to get married! With so much to organise for your big day , you do not want to forget to Book your Celebrant to conduct your wedding service.
    You can book a Celebrant up to 18 months in advance. Having a Celebrant allows you the freedom to choose your venue, your theme and the chance to write your own vows.
    When we marry a couple, they are deeply in love and the wedding service more often than not reminds the couples attending about their love story.
    We would love to meet you to help it all fall perfectly into place.
    Call us for a friendly and relaxed meeting on 0425222635 to discuss how your creative dreams of your wedding day can be framed into a memorable ceremony.
    Both of you will need to provide :-
    * Your birth certificate or passport
    * Your driver Licence or an alternate photo ID
    * Death certificate if widowed
    * Divorce certificate in case divorced
    we need to complete initial legal paperwork at least 30days prior to the date of your intended marriage.
    You add your love and devotion to our professionalism and dedication to excellence and you are in for a magical and memorable day
    Your feelings of love and togetherness is something you want to share with the world around you.
    You care and respect for each other shows in your every action.
    Commitment Ceremonies and Renewal of Vows are heartfelt and emotionally binding but are not legally recognised in Australia.
    For those already married and still very much in love with and committed to their spouse or for those who have found love, irrespective of gender - we celebrate your love for each other and we will delight in crafting a ceremony to represent your commitment and desire to grow in love together.
    Thinking about having a more personal ceremony that's full of meaning and represents you both, your beliefs, values and tells your story, You will have a full freedom & flexibility to include any Ritual of your Belief in your ceremony to make it more traditional. Children can be included too, giving them gifts to exchange or perhaps involve them and your immediate family members in Ceremony that symbolises the bonding of your family For example :- Candle of Unity , Sand ceremony , Tying the knot , Garland Ceremony and so on.
    our precious new addition to your family has your surname. Your baby's name has been chosen carefully, usually after much deliberation this little person is to be welcomed in style,

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    • Sue Johar

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