Business Lunch August - IT & Technology

Name: Business Lunch August - IT & Technology
Date: August 14, 2024
Time: 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST
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Event Description:

AI in Business: Transforming Tomorrow, Today

Join us for the 2024 Annual Technology Business Leaders Lunch we’ll be hearing from experts as we discuss AI in Business: Transforming Tomorrow, Today
Our exclusive AI and Automation event will be a unique gathering designed to unlock the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence & Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the business world. 

Join us on August 14th and connect with business leaders from the across the sector.

Our Guest Speakers
  • Phil Patelis | MC, and Founder Aibl
  • Chris Dolman | Data & AI Risk and Ethics Principal at Telstra
  • Katherine Hawes | Principal, Digtial Age Lawyers
  • Shriman Lalyan | Partner | Nimbly
  • Dean Cocoran | Technology Strategist | Partner CTO

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Members and Guests Welcome
About the Event:
AI in Business: Transforming Tomorrow, Today
Welcome to our exclusive AI and Automation event, a unique gathering designed to unlock the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence & Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the business world. 
This year, we're bringing together industry experts from Microsoft, Telstra, and Nimbly for a series of dynamic presentations, followed by an interactive Q&A session with the audience. 
This 3-hour event promises insightful discussions, practical strategies, and real-world applications you will want to take advantage of. 
Tickets are limited and are expected to sell out quickly, so secure yours now to be part of this groundbreaking experience.
Event Overview
Nimbly Topic: Customer-Centric AI for Business Growth
Speaker: Shriman Lalyan | Partner | Nimbly
Presentation Focus
1. Understanding AI: Demystifying AI, Automation, and RPA to reveal their true potential.
2. User-Centric Approach: Harnessing AI to revolutionise user experiences and drive substantial business growth.
3. Real-World Insights: A compelling case study demonstrating Nimbly’s AI success story.
4. Getting Started: Practical steps for businesses to embark on their AI journey.
Microsoft Topic: Navigating the Future of Work with AI
Speaker: Dean Corcoran | Technology Strategist | Partner CTO
Presentation Focus
1. Reflecting on Progress: Tracing the evolution of AI and its impact on business growth.
2. Future of Work: Exploring how AI is reshaping work trends and organisational dynamics.
3. Adapting to Change: Insights into how Microsoft is leading the way in AI-driven transformation.
4. Australian Success Stories: Real-world examples showcase how local organisations thrive with AI solutions.
Telstra: Navigating AI Risks and Ethics
Speaker: Chris Dolman | Data & AI Risk and Ethics Principal at Telstra
Presentation Focus
1. Ethical AI: Navigating the ethical complexities of AI implementation to ensure responsible use.
2. Broader Impact: Understanding the profound societal implications of AI advancements.
3. Risk Management: Identifying and mitigating the specific risks AI poses to organisations, with practical strategies for safe adoption.
Closing and Q&A
Following the presentations, our speakers will engage in a lively Q&A session, answering your pressing questions and providing deeper insights into AI’s role in the future of business. 
During our Q&A, we will also be joined by Katherine Hawes, the principal of Digital Age Lawyers as we explore risk in an age of Ai & Automation
Join us for an event that promises to enlighten, inspire, and equip you with the knowledge to harness AI's potential in your organisation. 
Secure your ticket now and be part of the AI revolution!
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Members and Guests Welcome
About our Guest Speakers
+ Phil Patelis |Founder, AIBL
Phil Patelis is the founder of Aibl, a business and tech advisory firm that helps boards and organisations innovate and adapt to change. He is also an investor and shareholder in several tech companies at the forefront of emerging technologies.
Phil previously founded and led XCentral for 15 years, a company that was honoured as Microsoft Partner of the Year three times in a row before it was successfully sold in 2020. Facing an industry that is often slow to embrace rapid technological changes, Phil advocates for a flexible and responsive approach. He emphasises collaborative and strategic thinking in his strategies, helping organisations to focus first on who they are and what they do before technology. With a keen eye for strategic planning, Phil aims to help businesses cut down on unnecessary expenses and thrive in today's fast-paced digital world.
+ Chris Dolman | Data & AI Risk and Ethics Principal at Telstra.
Chris helping to ensure Telstra’s AI ambitions are underpinned by strong and scalable risk, governance and ethics routines. Chris was named the 2022 Actuary of the Year in recognition of his work in responsible AI, and is also a Fellow of the NFP Gradient Institute.
+ Katherine Hawes | Digital Age Lawyers
Katherine is a is a Barrister, practicing Solicitor, business influencer, social entrepreneur, and media personality, based in Sydney, Australia.
She provides services the usual areas of Business Law associated with commercial legal matters, anything from your business development and compliance contract development, contract disputes, succession planning, family relationship matters to estate planning. 
Katherine also has a particular interest and is a keen observer of Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and block chain technology to affect efficiency and output in business practices. 

+ Dean Corcoran | Technology Strategist | Partner CTO

With experience over many years making tech work for real people, Dean partners with organisations building their technology strategy, working to accelerate business goals and aspirations leveraging the latest technologies. Dean believes that tech must symbiotically be part of the world we work, live, and play in to get the maximum benefit.

+ Shriman Kalyan | Partner | Nimbly

Shriman is a seasoned business strategist with extensive experience in launching industry-recognized digital products and services for brands like Woolworths, Aware Super, and Federal and State Government Departments. Specializing in organizational growth and customer experience, he is a winner of the Good Design Award for his strategic product development framework. Shriman excels in helping organizations future-proof their services by adopting cutting-edge technologies to improve productivity and efficiency for both the business and its customers.
Event Restrictions, Cancellations and Personal Responsibilities
NOTE: Please respect our venue and fellow businesses. Non-compliance with any of these restrictions and personal responsibilities will lead to you being asked to leave the event and no refund will be forthcoming.
1) Please arrive 15-30 minutes prior to event commencing so we can get all attendees into the event on time 
2) Please follow the NSW Health Guidelines in place on the event date.
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  • Digital Age Lawyers
  • Telstra
The Fiddler
Greenway Room
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Registration and Networking: 11.30am
Event Start: 12pm
Event Finish: 3pm
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Amanda Primrose
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